Adding & Editing Clips in Windows Live Movie Maker

March 3, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Building a movie in Windows Live Movie Maker is simple, and requires the addition of one or more clips to your movie project.

With a piece of film from a video camera, camera phone or even a still image added, you can then begin applying the various themes and visual effects that you’re planning to use on the project, or even introduce some additional soundtrack elements.

Adding & editing clips in Windows Live Movie Maker

When running Windows Live Movie Maker for the first time, you will notice that you are presented with a black box and an instruction on the right to Click here to browse for videos and photos. And videos and photos added to the project will be displayed in the right pane in the order you have placed them, and can be trimmed and split according to your requirements.

Adding and Adjusting Clips

After clicking the Click here to browse for videos and photos instruction, you will be able to browse your computer for video clips that you have copied from your camera or phone, or select still images to appear in the clip (stills might be used as an intro screen, for instance, or you might be making a slideshow).

If you have imported a clip that was recorded on a camera phone you might find that it is incorrectly oriented, thanks to the way you were holding the phone when filming. You can resolve this by left-clicking the clip in question and using the Rotate left and Rotate right buttons in the Editing section of the Home tab.

This shouldn’t be confused with the Video Tools Edit tab which appears when a clip is selected.

Editing Clips in Windows Live Movie Maker

There are several ways in which you might edit clips in Windows Live Movie Maker. For instance you might have opened them in the wrong order, and want the second clip you added to appear first. This is easily done by left clicking and dragging the second clip into position before the first.

Further editing options are available on the Video Tools Edit tab, where it is possible to Trim clips down to size as well as Split them at your chosen position. This feature is particularly useful if you are planning on compiling a movie project based on two separate clips which you wish to cut between.

For instance, you might import clip one and then clip two; you have segments in each that you want to intercut, in order to make a more interesting and dynamic whole. You might spot a section of clip one that you consider to be ideal for starting with, so you use the Trim tool to reduce this down to the duration that you want before applying a similar trim to the second clip. With this done you can then import the original, intact clips once again and add further trims, “cutting” between each clip as you go.

Using the Trim tool is simple – clicking it takes you to the Trim tab and all you need to do is use the Set start point and Set end point buttons to specify the beginning and end of the trimmed section of the clip and then Save trim to apply the change.

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