Verizon Offers $100 Off On Droid Phones

March 2, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Verizon has made it the most favorable season for Droid fans to pick excellent Android devices on their network. With a major Droid Promo launched on Tuesday, Verizon has slashed the rates of most of its Droid-titled devices by as much as $100.

Only the recent and advanced Android devices on the network are touching a three-digit price under this deal.  If you are not crazy about getting the very hot just-to-be-launched devices like HTC Thunderbolt or Droid Bionic, you may well pick up a good Android device for a cheaper price under this deal.

But, before you hit the ‘buy now’ button with the Verizon, let us tell you the whole story. Nothing comes free in this world, so does the Verizon offer. Though they offer a $100 slash on any Droid phone, the offer demands the customers to sign a new two year plan on Unlimited Talk and Text Plan with Unlimited Data Pack.

Well, that indeed steals the luster of the deal otherwise it would have had. But since you have decided to get your hands on a smartphone like everybody else here, you may well need to subscribe to some plans to get the things running. So think and decide your own.

Just to make a peak behind the screen, the $100 cut off the cost of any Droid phone on their network is seen as a clearing out attempt from Verizon to keep their stores well ready to welcome the upcoming and most expected devices like HTC Thunderbolt. If you don’t mean to wait for them, you can get the deal here.

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