iPad 2 wannabe surfaces somewhere in China: Surely this is just a rough mock up from Apple at the very best!

March 2, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

This was bound to happen at some point going into the launch event of the iPad 2. Pictures, snapshots and other rumors will surface as we get closer to the event. While this one does not claim to be authentic, few other fakes will. It seems we have had a lot more luck uncovering the MacBook Pro line-up ahead of launch than the iPad 2 so far.

These set of pictures show what seems to be a very rough mock-up of the iPad 2. And may we say a poor one at that. Obviously we could be wrong (& if we are and this is the real deal then shock is a small word to start), but this looks nothing like what Steve Jobs & Co. will have in store for us with the iPad 2. The launch even now mere hours away, we obviously do not have too long before we dig into the real deal.

Check out more pics and let us know your opinion. No FaceTime icon probably proves it is not too real. But maybe the iPad 2 final design is close to this? Just Maybe…

Via: Engadget

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