Apple iPad3 Rumored to Arrive this Year Itself; Is it the Real Next-Gen iPad?

March 2, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, March 2nd is here, and all eyes are on the Apple iPad2. But wait, here is a hot leak from Apple. An Apple employee reportedly slipped information that Apple is planning to launch a third device – Apple iPad3 – this year itself. The device will be the one worth spending your bucks on, since the iPad2 is heard to be less impressive.

The leak regarding a possible iPad3 from Apple this year itself suggests that the iPad2 will be a model with just slight changes from the current model, while the features will make a leap-frogging with the iPad3.

According to the Apple tipster, iPad 2 is not something to brag about a lot. But the third generation iPad will be some real reason to throw parties or as the tipster says ‘to make a song and a dance about’.

In fact, rumors regarding a stunning third generation iPad device had surfaced months ago, revealing almost similar details. Most of them had confirmed that the iPad2 is not the real next version, but just a polished version of the current device.

The polishing is all about making it thinner and lighter with dual cams, we think. There seems to be no change in the resolution of the display and many other features of the current device.

We are not ready to make assumptions about the credibility of this new leak about iPad3, but going by the multiple leaks on the same line, it seem to be credible at least to some degree.

So, it’s up to you to decide whether to jump for the imminent iPad2 or to wait for a possible third generation device.

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