Nook Color on eBay for $199: Barnes & Noble selling it for $50 than on their own site!

March 1, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Remember how just a few days back T-Mobile actually increased the prices of the G2 and the Droid X by $50 after they have been out for so long? Now that is probably one of the strangest things we have seen in a long time, especially considering that there are many retailers who were giving the handsets away for a lot less. This might not fall in the same strange category, but it is still news for those looking around for a new Nook Color.

The eBook reader is now available on eBay for $199, after a $50 rebate coupon. The interesting part of that is the fact that the Nook Color is being sold for that price tag by Barnes & Noble themselves. That is $50 less than what B&N are selling it for on their own site. Seems like all the competition on eBay has forced them to drop the price on the Nook for now.

Again, this is not very odd too as eBay is vastly popular and by giving the Nook Color away for a price other retailers might be offering on the site, Barnes & Noble are just trying to sell a few more of these. Of course, is it a lot more popular than Amazon & Kindle? That of course depends on whom you ask. But either way, if you want to buy the Nook Color, you know where to go right now…

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