Florence + the Machine on Dragon Age II Soundtrack

February 26, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Florence and the Machine on Dragon Age 2 Soundtrack

Developers BioWare have announced a collaboration with popular rock band Florence + the Machine and Inon Zur to create an emotionally powerful soundtrack of one of the year’s most anticipated games, Dragon Age II!

Intended to be an incomparable audio sensation, the team up with Grammy Awards’ Best New Artist nominee Florence + The Machine and Inon Zur for an exclusive re-imagining of “I’m not calling you a liar (Dragon Age II: Varric’s Theme)” will only be available to hear in-game in Dragon Age II.

Zur’s presence on the soundtrack brings an ethereal and mystical quality to his original score which befits the game’s dramatic story and visuals and helps drive the heart-pounding action.

Co-produser Steve Schnur describes how the track was built:

“With the band’s full blessings and enthusiasm, we isolated Florence’s original vocals from one of their most unique songs and completely ‘Dragon-Age d’ it. What was originally a powerfully stark, acoustic-based song has been reborn… an epic anthem for the next stage of the Dragon Age legend.”

Due for release on Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation in March, various audio tracks from the game will be available on a series of official soundtrack CDs.

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