Mobile network on the London Underground; Brits want it, says survey

February 25, 2011, By Alex Ion

It all started when mayor Boris Johnson stated that London needs a mobile network on the Underground. The Chinese from Huawei saw an opportunity in this and have announced that they’ll invest the £50 million to build it before the 2012 Olympics kick in, hoping to make a profit from renting it to UK carriers. But that’s when the battle if Londoners want it, or don’t want, began.

According to the Telegraph citing a UK website, apparently 74% of the city dwellers are not in favor with mobile access on the tube. They fear that smugglers and thieves will move their quarters underground, and they also fear that riding the trains will be even more stressful than before if they have to listen to other people’s conversation.

But that’s when another independent company came into stage to refute what the big media has promoted. A new survey which included more than 1,300 Londoners actually proved that a mobile network on the Underground is favored by some 70-percent.

The differences are big, compared to the first report, so we really wonder. What do Londoners actually want? And who’s the independent from the independents?

If London gets mobile coverage on the tube, they’ll be in the exclusive company of Paris and Hong Kong who already have it for their dwellers.

(Images courtesy of jessicamelling and skullyfm)

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