HTC Thunderbolt Release Date Pushed Further; March 10th is the New Date!

February 25, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems like trustworthy sources are fast disappearing! Those people who were supposedly in the know are becoming know-nots, at least when it comes to speculations on the release date of the HTC Thunderbolt.

Remember, we had stumbled upon talk of the HTC Thunderbolt launching on February 24th and then later on the date was pushed by another week.  Then again, yesterday, we had found Roseville Best Buy’s Twitter post that said the Thunderbolt could be released on March 4th – a Thursday!

The funny part of this tweet was that the retail store ended up confusing the day when they said March 4th. For, March 4th is a Friday, and not a Thursday. Whatever the day is, the date has gone wrong. A new document found in the wild says the device isn’t coming on March 4th, and it wouldn’t arrive before March 10th.

So March 10th is the new date we need to be gearing up for. The BestBuy Mobile document that has been unearthed by guys at Engadget prompts us to adjust our calendar for March 10th. But then, no body seems to have any clue as to whether the day will change again.

Now we just need to wait to see the device for real on BestBuy and later, on Verizon. Till then speculations need to be treated as just speculations. What do you feel?  Tell us your take on that.

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