Apple iPad 2 May Not Feature High-Res Display or SD Card Slot

February 25, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As March 2nd gets closer, Apple fans are having a good time in the valley of rumors as the company is gearing up for the launch of their iPad 2 on that date. Everything from its launch date to specs got to us as rumors at first, and then later got confirmed. Here’s a round up of our reports on the iPad 2.

Now trusted sources talk of certain unexpected alterations in the upcoming version of the tablet device from Apple. As per tipster information, iPad 2 won’t be featuring SD card slots. If this rumor has any nut of truth in it, we know you will feel bad.

But wait, we have more bad news here. Rumor mills say that the new iPad2 will come without the ‘high-resolution’ display as earlier rumors claimed. Disappointing, right? But don’t let yourself down; Apple won’t be rolling out a bad device after all.

Putting together the pieces of rumors we will be interesting at this hour. Probably, on March 2nd we may witness a thinner device than the current one but with same screen size and resolution.

You may find more RAM and probably more power with the CPU since it is heard to feature the A5 processor.

Many observers put the chances very high for finding two cams with the new incarnation of iPad.  Well, all these are just rumors now. But after a week, they could turn out to be hard facts.

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