HTC Thunderbolt Release Date Update: Best Buy says that the launch date might be on March 4th!

February 24, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Well, what is surprising about this is that there is still that “might be” in the sentence and to be honest we and many of those who placed pre-order for the HTC Thunderbolt 4G are starting to get a bit sick of this pushing around of dates. The annoying part is that you ask people to ‘pre-order’ and never tell them when it is confirming and keep pushing the launch back.

If the Thunderbolt 4G was not ready in the first place then Verizon Wireless should have waited and not rushed this whole process. This is almost as if companies are hoping that we would pre-order it and when they have the consumer’s cash, they can play around with the release. But Roseville Best Buy has posted on Twitter that the Thunderbolt 4G could be released on March 4th, which according to them is a Thursday!

So, while they got that wrong, we are hoping it is still conclusive news on the launch and just a bit off about the date of the day. So, we have either march 4th launch, which is a Friday or March 3rd launch, which is a Thursday. The way things are we would take one of the either with glee and while we hope this is finally, finally the right date and credible info, it would not hurt Verizon to come out in the open and clear the air.

That should at least repair some of the damaged reputation and should put rumors to rest.

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