FaceTime for Mac now on Apple’s Mac App Store & now available for download for $0.99: Does not making it free help Skype & ooVoo?

February 24, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

This is a bit surprising that Apple is now choosing to charge for FaceTime for Mac OS X users and even if it’s not much, this is surely news after the Beta version was offered for free. Not to mention the FaceTime app for iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch is free for users. The news that we are getting is the new line of MacBook Pros that are set to be out today (the MacBook Pro 2011 Line-Up) will have FaceTime in-built, while those with previous editions of the Pro need to part with a dollar for it.

Again, this is not trying to make a big deal out of nothing, since most Mac users will not even worry about paying a dollar for the app that allows them to video chat with iPhone and other Mac users for free. But, why would you want to charge for it when you are providing it for free in the mobile version of things?

Free apps attract a lot more people than even ones prices as low as $0.99 and if Apple wants to spread FaceTime, then maybe they should have gone the ‘free’ way. Skype is offering free video chat to iPhone users already with others trying to catch up fast. But maybe we are wrong and Apple has done its research.

The thought behind the move could be that Mac users will not hesitate to buy the app for such a low price and it could earn a lot of revenue, instead of going away free. Simply, put, Apple might feel that as many people will take it up for $0.99 as they would if it is free and if that is the case, why waste an opportunity!

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