Samsung Captivate to get a Froyo Update tomorrow: Samsung wants a piece of the February 24th action!

February 23, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Why tomorrow? Well, we are not quite sure why, but we are only guessing that Samsung wants to be part of all the commotion that will take place tomorrow. Remember that the MacBook Pro 2011 line-up will be on offer. Of course, Apple has decided to do that tomorrow because it is Steve Jobs birthday; which is news in itself.

Then the invite for the March 2nd iPad 2 launch event has just made it out and surely there will be more around that as well. Not to forget the Motorola Xoom that will be out on Verizon… We are just tired thinking about it all. Maybe Samsung hopes that this Froyo update will get lost in the crowd and no one will notice if it actually comes out or not! But those with the Samsung Captivate will and hence they better keep up their promise this time around.

It is about time this happened as the Captivate users are sick of waiting for a Froyo update when everyone else is talking about Gingerbread and honeycomb. Maybe Samsung should have just skipped the 2.2 and gone to Android 2.3. But Captivate owners will settle for something over nothing and so the Froyo update would be a welcome sight…

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