Make a Movie with Your Android!

February 23, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Making movies on any mobile phone is easy – but on Android it is made event easier with a selection of useful apps that can both enhance your camera’s functionality as well as perform minor editing tasks.

By using these apps you can take advantage of some excellent mobile video editing and creation techniques, enabling you to create more than just the standard party, night out or day trip video clips. Even better, using a video clip that has been trimmed down to a specific amusing point is a great way to save time uploading clips to YouTube or Facebook.

Make a movie with your Android!

Basic Movie Clips and Editors

Pretty much all Android mobile devices feature a video camera which can be used to record events of your choice, whether they are trips to the fair, fun at the beach, an air show or anything you like.

Use of the camera is device specific so you will need to check your device documentation in order to get to grips with basic use – however you should take advantage of any option to set your SD card as the default storage location, as you might find that you run out of space on your main camera memory with regular recording.

Once a video clip has been recorded, you might find that you want to edit it down – a top tool for this is VidTrim Video Trimmer, which is available free from the Android Market. Using this tool will allow you to select a clip and trim it down to just the segment you want; you can then save the segment separately or overwrite the entire clip. Shortened clips like this are ideal for uploading to Facebook or YouTube with suitable applications.

Creating Time Lapse Clips

If nature photography interests you, Time Lapse Lite is available for Android and this can be used to record scenes of changing weather or growing plants or any other slow process that could be speeded up to great visual effect.

The idea is simple – position your camera phone where you can capture the scene and then start the application, setting a capture rate (for instance every 5 seconds) and then leaving it to run.

Captured time lapse clips can then be saved and uploaded to YouTube or viewed on your phone or PC.

Creating Stop Motion

Meanwhile rather than using your camera to record people or nature, you might prefer to film clay or paper characters, or perhaps toys. Using the Stop Motion Lite tool for Android you can do this very easily.

Providing you with a grid with which to lineup your subject across successive shots, the application will take a quick snap and then allow you to proceed to positioning the subject for the next shot. Eventually you should be able to build a few seconds of footage of your subject as a very short animated movie!

If using either the Time Lapse or Stop Motion apps, a mobile phone tripod is strongly recommended.

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