iPhone 5 to be out in September 2011: Is the rumored delay in Apple iPhone 4’s successor really happening?

February 23, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Remember all the talk about the White iPhone 4 yesterday and how the report talked about the idea of Apple holding back the iPhone 5 a bit (both the black and the white versions) just to give enough sales window for the white iPhone 4? That might not exactly be the reason for the delay of the iPhone 5. But reports are floating around that Apple might push back its annual release schedule and actually launch the iPhone 5 in September 2011.

The reports that suggest this delay are in no way concrete and Apple could actually bring out the iPad 2 in March (March 2nd is the date talked about right now) and then follow it up with the iPhone 5 in summer. The reason for the talk in the delay is the apparent trouble that Apple has due to iPhone 5 component problems with chip vendors.

So, while we hope all this is not true and that the iPhone 5 will be out this summer, the question still remains regarding how Apple will deal with the white iPhone 4 that is already in shipping, according to top guys from Apple themselves. Will be interesting to see where all this leads up to, but we still are hoping that the iPhone 5 arrives on time; as per the annual Apple cycle.

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