Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK Now Available for Download

February 23, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Well, developers those who were waiting anxiously for trying their tweaks on the newest OS release from Google can now sharpen their talents. Google has just released Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK. Those who want to try a hand can download the full SDK for Android 3.0.

With the Honeycomb SDK being released, we can well hope that the floodgate is now open for Android apps for Honeycomb devices to hit the Android Market. Well, we have been hearing a lot about the features of the Honeycomb for quite a while now.

But now, the SDK comes with certain added features that will help the developers very much in their strenuous jobs. The new features include improvements to the User Interface builder and ADT Plug-in.

Those who have already published an Android application can make use of this opportunity to test and optimize it to suit the Honeycomb experience. The new API level is 11 and the downloadable platform comes with Android library and system image. It includes a set of emulator skins too. However, there are no external libraries included.

The improvements in the UI builder is expected to help developers bring out more interactive experience to users through new apps. The release of the SDK is more a good news for tab folks, since the Android 3.0 SDK features support developing apps meant for larger screens than that of smartphones.  Head here to know more on how to download.

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