Sony Xperia Play shows up on Verizon Wireless internal inventory: Price & Release Details still not available

February 19, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The Sony Xperia Play is definitely coming to the US and on Verizon Wireless. In case you had any doubt about that, then here is the confirmation for all those skeptics. The internal inventory of the Verizon Wireless clearly indicates that the Xperia Play is on its way to the carrier. This, after we had earlier seen speculation about whether the Xperia Play would be available on Verizon or not.

The ‘Playstation Phone’ was on display at the Mobile World Congress 2011 and did impress us with its gaming options and Smartphone features. It is the only mobile on the planet that capably integrates both the features of a Smartphone with gaming fun on the go. Despite it not being one of the most powerful mobiles on the planet, it still wins you over with its special features and fine balance.

Yesterday, there was the ‘all-white’ Sony Xperia Play as well, that made its way out. While it was announced that it would be available exclusively on O2 in the UK, we really have not heard of when it would be available in the US. So, while the Playstation Phone will be on Verizon for sure, no release date or price leaks yet… Hopefully soon!

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