Increase Your Gamerscore on Your PC

February 19, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you’re aware of Xbox LIVE then you will probably know that this is an online gaming and points rating system that provides updates to your Xbox friends about your current Gamerscore and progress through various games by way of the achievements system.

Increase your Xbox LIVE Gamerscore on your PC with Games for Windows Live

But did you know that there is a similar service in place for Games for Windows?

Games for Windows Live is a free online service that lets you connect your Xbox LIVE identity and unify your Gamertag across both Windows PC and Xbox 360 platforms.

To get started with Games for Windows Live, visit to download the client and then head to to sign-in with your Windows Live details – this should already be matched with your Xbox LIVE account.

Installing Games for Windows Live Client

Once you have downloaded the client installer, you will need to run it in order for the installation files to be downloaded to your PC or laptop; this is a 24 MB download so may take some time depending upon your network speed.

When installation completes, click Launch – the Games for Windows client will then open, and request your Windows Live ID to sign in.

Following this, you will see a chrome-less browser window that resembles Steam in the way that it presents games for you to download and purchase, as well as various menu options and a Settings button.

Configuring Games for Windows Live Client

You should notice when the application is running that your Xbox LIVE Gamertag is visible in the upper-right corner of the Games for Windows Live client, along with your current Gamerscore.

Via the Settings button you can configure where games and downloaded content is stored – it’s a good idea to do this as soon as possible, and if you’re planning to purchase and download a few games then you should have a dedicated partition for this purpose.

If you wish to disassociate your Gamertag this can be done via Settings > Profile Management > Clear.

Purchasing and Downloading with Games for Windows Live Marketplace

What Games for Windows Live delivers front and centre is a marketplace for viewing the latest available games and downloading demos or purchasing the full game. Add-on packs can also be downloaded via the client, which will require either your credit card or Microsoft points as payment.

One drawback of Games for Windows Live Marketplace is that the games are full-price; similar or the same titles can be purchased via Steam for less, and if you want further savings you can probably find the titles on Amazon or elsewhere online.

As such you might prefer to play the game demos first – these are available via Marketplace > Game Demos. However compared with the number of demo versions that can be found on Xbox LIVE, this is rather a sparse area.

While Games for Windows Live client delivers unification of your Gamerscore thereby allowing you to increase it while playing games on your PC, the use of the system to download and install games is expensive – it’s great for gaming, not so good for buying.

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