The Moron Test for Windows Phone 7

February 18, 2011, By Christian Cawley

One of the best selling iPhone and Android apps is coming to Windows Phone 7 – The Moron Test is now available on the Windows Phone Markeplace for just $2.99 and is considered the ultimate brain-teaser app!

The Moron Test for Windows Phone

Already downloaded in excess of 11 million times, The Moron Test is considered to be  been one of the best-selling mobile apps of all time across the iOS and Android platforms, and features clever questions and cute characters. As one of the Top 20 Best-Selling iOS apps of all time, and the 8th Best-Selling Paid Game to date on Android, developers DistinctDev are expecting the game to perform similarly on Windows Phone 7 in advance of plans to bring The Moron Test to iPad, Blackberry, Intel App-Up, and Mac App Store platforms during 2011.

It’s yet another example of how game developers are hopping on board the Windows Phone 7 platform and further confirmation – if any were needed – that this is a major mobile gaming platform that started burning slowly upon launch and is continuing to be fed. Games and apps are doing very well on Windows Phone, with more and more developers signing up every week.

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