Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt to meet President Obama in an event for Top Business Leaders

February 17, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Seems like the internet and tech titans are all headed to San Francisco this evening! It will be a big event indeed as President Obama will try and sell his State of the Union Message to the top men of the business world. While that would have generally seen tycoons from the more conventional business houses attend the event, this time it will see Google, Facebook and Apple presence as well. We are already sensing a big ‘picture event’ on the way…

Maybe we can soon fish out a wonderful snapshot of all three of them together. That should also be a big hit across the net for the next few days; in case we get a hold of it, that is. While the event will be focused on President Obama talking about more investment in American Research and Development on the Tech side of things, clean energy and probably more employment opportunities for guys back home, we will be looking out to see how these three and other top business leaders interact within and if there are any “Late Night Moments” on offer.

Walking into the vent, the focus (among the trio) would be on Steve Jobs due to the recent health concerns that are floating around. And we are hoping to see a relatively healthy Steve Jobs put the nonsensical rumors and baseless predictions started by the National Enquirer to rest. Maybe even a quote about the intellect of the guys who started those wild rumors and how he feels it is identical to the 7-inch tablet size… way too small to be of any use!

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