Bungie’s “Destiny” is an FPS MMO

February 17, 2011, By Christian Davis

Bungie is still on our minds since the Halo franchise is now complete the question still remains, what is Bungie working on next? According to a recently let go contractor, it’s an First Person Shooter Massive Multiplayer Online Game.

Bungie’s “Destiny” codenamed ‘Tiger’ combines FPS elements into a Massively Multiplayer Online Multiplayer science fiction setting. According to the source, around 30 contractors were released  due to “budgetary concerns”

Bungie told our agencies that it was “performance related” – but one of our fellow fired-employees was an IT contractor, and showed us an email he received before his account was killed, citing “project sensitivity” and “budgetary concerns from our publisher” budgetary concerns is laughable considering the scraps we were paid.

The game will be published by Activision Blizzard so it’s somewhat hard to believe that budget was a concern. According to the same source, one of the members that were let go, just receive an award for excellent preformance.

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