Apple responsible for Touch Panel shortage experienced by other tablet makers: Intentionally killing competition or just doing its business?

February 17, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The news coming in from the material supply end of the tablet market is probably more interesting and definitely more important than the final sales end. Sure, the iPad has enjoyed unparallel success in the tablet arena and Apple design and product marketing are an essential part of it. But also long-term planning from the company’s top men is also a very vital part of it. Now that Apple is holding such a large share in the tablet market, is it trying to hold on by creating a touch panel shortage for competition?

Other Tablet makers like Samsung, Motorola, Dell, HP, RIM, HTC and LG are fighting for the scraps (apparently) while Apple alone is consuming more than 60% of the touch panel production. To be very honest, this does not seem to be a strategy by Apple to create an artificial shortage of the tablet screens. They probably require a lot for the kind of demand that is there for the iPad and will be there for the iPad 2.

If Apple consumes plenty of these tablet screens and the production line is not able to keep to supply enough for others, then is it Apple’s fault? Also, if Apple wants to stock up some touch screen in advance, then again it is not something you can fault them with. Seems like other tablet manufacturers will have to pay a bit more or plan better to keep up with the Apple onslaught!

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