Thunderbolt from HTC seems set for Verizon on February 24th: Official Countdown Webspot already up on Verizon!

February 16, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

They are calling it the “Thunder Tracker” and we just love the look of it. The whole storm and thunder graphics end up making the HTC Thunderbolt 4G a bigger deal that it might really be. But, that is what clever marketing is all about. Anyway, you can go to the Thunder Tracker at Verizon Wireless and enter your email id. That way you will get to know the date Verizon intends to sell it before you find out any other way.

There are rumors going around that the Thunderbolt will be out on Feb 20th. A good four days earlier than the Feb 24th date, that we were all looking forward to earlier. Some say that this is to avoid the Thunderbolt release the same day as the Xoom, but there is nothing confirmed in this regard. So, despite all the ‘Best Buy leaks’, we tend to believe that the Feb 24 date still holds good.

Even otherwise, it is better to expect it later and not be disappointed than to go with the earlier rumors! Either way, it will come sometime next week and we are hoping Verizon will put the date and time up in that dazzling ad spot soon. Then add the countdown clock to further heighten the excitement.

Waiting for the Thunderbolt? Planning to line up outside Best Buy for it?

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