Nokia is still welcome to join hands with Google Android: Eric Schmidt at MWC says the offer still open for Nokia

February 16, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

No matter how you feel about Mobile OS platforms and the war between them, you have to tip your hat a bit for Eric Schmidt. From what we have seen coming in today from MWC in Barcelona, this guy makes for a lot better ‘face of the company’ at an event, than say… someone like Steve Jobs. Of course, Jobs will simply tell you that they don’t need faces, they have the iPad & the iPhone. That apart, Google’s guy at MWC told their offer to Nokia about the Android platform was still open.

You are still welcome…

Eric Schmidt was responding to the recent Microsoft-Nokia deal when he said that they were “sorry” to see Nokia turn to Microsoft and in case things change and Nokia are willing, the offer for Android OS on Nokia Smartphones is still on. Seems like Google are holding no grudges against Nokia for picking their biggest rival, which is a good way to move forward.

While both Nokia and Google would have immensely benefitted from a tie-up, it seems Nokia was happy to go the other way and pick WP7. Maybe they thought there were one too many on the Android bang-wagon for them to shine out from the pack. Either way, in case the deal with Microsoft and WP7 fails to work its magic, Nokia now know where to turn.

Still think Nokia-Microsoft was good? Would Nokia-Android have been better?

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