Eric Schmidt at MWC: Android activations pass 350,000 per day

February 16, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Eric Schmidt is talking Google Android at the MWC 2011 and we are bringing you all those things that matter (At least trying to keep up with the pace of things unraveling in Barcelona). He has just informed the world that there are 350,000 Android devices that are being activated each day. This is another important landmark crossed after the previous 300,000 peak, sometime back.

That seems pretty much about right considering how the Android army is trying to take over both the mobile and the tablet world, at the moment. And they have a legion of dedicated followers who love the Android OS. Google’s top man at MWC gave us a few more interesting numbers to mull over on.

There are 127 million Android devices activated annually and that is spanning across 69 countries and 169 different operators. There are currently 170 Android-compatible devices across the globe and at the rate things are moving forward, we expect that number to hit 200 pretty soon as well.

Seems like all is well in the Android world at the moment and they are on course to their ambition of being the top mobile OS. Now to see if and when they will get there…

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