Apple MacBook Air Next Generation Likely to Feature 3G Connectivity

February 16, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Rumors flying around Apple’s future device plans suggest the MacBook Air notebooks may come spruced up with an integrated 3G chip at launch. The guess work seems to have been done on the basis of a recent Apple customer survey for MacBook Air users.

Though Apple has announced the new MacBook Air the last year itself, not much has been revealed about the chances of it having 3G data connectivity. The survey from Apple is loaded with a lot queries regarding areas of 3G data connectivity, data syncing and similar things, which many point out as an indicator of a move to integrate cellular radios in future MacBook Air versions.

Many questions in the survey were meant to find out about the 3G preferences of the users. For example, one question wanted to find the reasons for preferring a 3G connection instead of a wireless connection; while another asked about the frequency with which users connect their MacBook Air to a 3G network.

The machines in the series which are already very much portable, will have its popularity booming up, if it gets the extra connectivity power through 3G.

However, it is not the first time that such rumors have been triggered. Earlier, there were some leaks from AT&T initiating parleys with Apple on the issue. Later, Apple’s attempt to hire a 3G expert added more credibility to the rumor.

However, nothing solid has happened so far. The new survey also points to the same direction, but we can do nothing but hope for the next MacBook Air to have the 3G ability.

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