Android 3.1 (Ice Cream) to be a combination of Gingerbread & Honeycomb: Google intends to integrate into one mobile OS

February 15, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

There has been plenty of news flowing in from the MWC 2011. But most of it has been around the mobiles and tablets. Gadgets and not software, have taken center-stage at Barcelona. But there have been a few exceptions. Intel’s MeeGo was something that stood out from the crowd. Obviously any Google Android news is also a big talking point. We now have one of those from the MWC and it relates to Google Android 3.1 aka, the Ice Cream.

Google’s Eric Schmidt told everyone that the next version of the mobile OS will be something that will begin with an “I”. So, we all need not worry too much about what he was implying. Ice Cream is by now well-known (Not what it would be like, but the fact that it is next in the pipeline). While Eric did not shine any further light on the matter, there has been news about what Ice Cream would look like.

Reports are that it could be a combination of Gingerbread & Honeycomb. The attempt from Google will be to take the best out of the laptop-specific Honeycomb and the Smartphone OS Gingerbread and to put it together to create one awesome mobile OS. Seems like Ice Cream at this point looks pretty tempting already!

While there are also those who feel that Android 2.4 could be Ice Cream, it most likely is just an update for the already existing Gingerbread. So while we speculate, maybe you want to tell us what you wish to see in the Ice Cream? Feel free to improvise…

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