Nokia Microsoft agreement to see heads roll in Nokia: Hierarchy to be revamped thanks to WP7 going to the Finnish giant

February 11, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Most of the top executives in Nokia’s current offices might have nothing to fear when it comes to their job safety, but others lower down in the hierarchy chain will no doubt have their hearts in the mouth for the next few days. This after the big announcement, regarding the Nokia and Microsoft joining hands on the Smartphone front, came our way today. Latest reports from the event indicate that more than a few layoffs could be well on their way.

When an anxious Finnish reporter asked Stephen Elop about what would happen to Finland after the merger, the man under the spotlight today replied that, “substantial reduction in employment” is to be expected. In a less diplomatic language, Nokia is soon set to distribute more than a few pink slips and fire people that they considered as excessive baggage from this point on.

This after there was news of restructuring the pecking order among the top executives to ensure that the tie-up takes place without too many hassles. While Elop did state that a stronger Nokia is better for Finland, this is not good news for Nokia employees in Finland or any other land, world over.

While Nokia made it clear that they have and will always remain a Finnish company and not move to Silicon Valley, the landing of Windows Phone 7 on Nokia handsets already has made things gloomy in Finland. It is not just Symbian that is being eased out!

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