Nokia given the freedom to play around with Windows Phone 7, but will not push too far: Microsoft-Nokia partnership sees exclusivity others lacked!

February 11, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

When Nokia decided that they would accept Windows Phone 7 as their primary mobile OS platform, they did not just get the shallow end of the deal. Replying to a question posed at the Capital’s market day, Stephen Elop did say that they could tweak and customize Windows Phone 7 to their liking. This obviously means that Nokia obtained certain amount of creative control over the WP7 on the handsets they manufacture for Microsoft’s mobile platform. To what extent will this see a change in WP7?

Not to a level where it will branch out separately from the WP7 on the devices of other mobile makers. Elop made it clear that they will not push their privilege too far and will strive to maintain an overall compatibility. But the confident “Yes”, to the question obviously indicates that Nokia struck an exclusive deal with Microsoft and will tweak WP7 a tab bit to give its own Smartphones an advantage over competition.

That is bad news for names like HTC, which were specifically told to stick to set standards by Microsoft and not to add or alter WP7 for any purpose. But Nokia is a mobile giant and obviously their partnership with Microsoft is no lop-sided affair. In fact those close to Nokia already are informing that a Windows Phone 7-based high-end Nokia handset will be available by the year end and it will sport and slightly-altered WP7.

This new deal has already made 2011 exciting with plenty to look forward in the battle of the Smartphone supremacy. So, who do you think will come up on top?

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