Chance of Nokia Windows 8 Tablets?

February 11, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Following the announcement of a strategic partnership between Nokia and Microsoft, rumours have already started about what exactly this could mean concerning Windows Phone 7 and beyond.

Nokia Windows Tablets likely?

While Nokia’s Symbian platform has been suffering for many years now in the face of iPhone and Android (and the platform’s market share has been steadily decreasing, despite remainly pretty big) the decision to hook up with Microsoft has been seen by many industry analysts and commentators as the right move – although apparently things haven’t gone down so well in Finland.

At present there is little that enables us to confirm anything other than the fact that Windows Phone 7 Nokia phones will be shipping at some point in the next 12 months. However, a few other things might be of interest, such as the possibility that existing hardware rather than new models will be used to host Windows Phone 7 – such as repurposed MeeGoo devices.

Meanwhile Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was quoted as saying that

“When it comes to this platform, we reserve the right to introduce tablets on other platforms. Whether that be internal projects or we could take advantage of what Microsoft is innovating with, we’ve nothing to announce on that today.”

Microsoft have already dismissed the idea that Windows Phone 7 could be used as a tablet OS – after all, the point of Windows 8 is that it will run on ARM processors and therefore be perfect for tablets. So it could be that we’ll see a few Nokia slates by the end of 2012…

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