Windows Phone 7 Copy & paste feature release slated for March 8, say reports: Nothing official from Microsoft yet

February 10, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Remember that unlike Google Android platform Microsoft likes to have a fair degree of control over its mobile OS platform and they have gone that way since the release of Windows Phone 7. This obviously means that every time they plan on an update or a release, they need to have all the mobile makers and carriers onboard. That probably explains why the widely anticipated “Copy & Paste” feature is yet to be released.

While early rumors had pointed to a January release which then quickly turned to February launch, now reports are tipping a ‘copy & paste’ unveiling in March. But this time two separate sources are pointing towards an accurate date (March 8th) and that seems far more believable than a speculative launch rumor that gets postponed every month!

Though Microsoft themselves never promised anything on when the feature would exactly be available on your WP7 smartphones, we could all use it as early as available. We might well have to wait another month for it to roll out though and that could well seem like ‘slow progress’ for some. So hopefully we will see a March 8 release (finally), as we still await for some sort of confirmation from Microsoft.

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