Sync Your Desktop Favourites with Windows Phone

February 10, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you’re using a Windows Phone 7 device you’ve probably tried out the browser and decided that its good enough for some mobile surfing – resulting in a feeling of dread as you realise that adding new favourites is going to be a very long and drawn out job.

However if you’ve been following our tutorials for using the Opera 11 browser then you will know that there is a way of sharing favourite bookmarks from your desktop PC to your mobile device. With this system setup you can save a lot of time but still get your favourites saved on your Windows Phone.

Sync desktop favourites with Windows Phone

Basic Favourites Functions

Before using Opera Link to share your favourite bookmarks, you will need to be familiar with the functionality offered with Internet Explorer Mobile with regards to webpage and favourites management.

With the browser open and in portrait mode you will see that there are two buttons at the foot of the screen. The Add button allows you to save new pages to your favourites list, while the Favourites button will display the list.

In the list you will see a list of sites that you have previously added to your favourites with the Add button. You will also notice that there are two tabs; the History tab will display all websites you have previously used, providing a Delete button for you to clear the list if necessary.

One other way to bookmark a website in Windows Phone 7 is to pin it to the Start page. This is done by visiting the website and then when the page has loaded dragging up the menu bar via the ellipses […] and selecting Pin to Start.

A tile will then be added to the Windows Phone 7 Start screen, which you can tab whenever you want to visit the website; removing the tile is easy, simply tab and hold and then tap the small drawing pin icon in the top left.

Importing Desktop Favourites to Windows Phone 7

In order to import your desktop favourites to Windows Phone 7, you will need to first install the Opera 11 browser on your PC. If you already have the browser installed, then you will probably already have your favourites saved in its Bookmarks menu, either because you have been using the browser for some time or because Opera automatically copied your bookmarks when it was installed.

If not, use the Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks… > File option to select a browser to import your favourites from.

Next, use the Tools > Synchronise Opera option to setup the sync details and create an Opera account, if necessary.

Using the Opera Link for Windows Phone 7 App

Available on the Marketplace is the Opera Link for Windows Phone 7 app, which brings Opera Link functionality to your phone. You should be able to find this by searching for opera in the Marketplace Hub on your phone.

Once installed, open the app from your Programs menu and then follow the on-screen instructions to sign in with the Opera account you setup previously and grant access to the app.

Once you have done this, wait a few minutes – you will then see that Opera Link has imported all of your browser favourites! All you need to do to open them is run the app and find the bookmark you want, which will open in Internet Explorer Mobile when tapped!

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