Next Halo: Reach DLC Leaked?

February 10, 2011, By Christian Davis

There are seriously a ton of leaks in the game industry and as a journalist, I’m completely fine with that. A little sneak peak at whats to come in the future. Who’s next on the list of leaks? Bungie’s million dollar baby, Halo: Reach.

Specifically with the games next installment of downloadable content. What is said to be called the “Defiant Map Pack” this will come with two new multiplayer maps and a firefight map for the low price of 800 Microsoft points.

The names of the maps are Condemned, Training Preserve, and Unearthed. According to, Condemned will be a 4-8-12 player map, Training Preserve will hold 8-12-16 players, and Unearthed is the new firefight map which will hold 4 players like the others.

This was a pretty massive leak as well, because we’ve even got screenshots to go with it. Notice how all the screenshots say HaloDestiny in the corner? That site originally leaked the information, but has since gone offline due to a request from Microsoft. Clearly, these weren’t suppose to be see yet.

Check them out in the gallery below!

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