Google Doodle pays tribute to Thomas Alva Edison on his 164th Birthday: Remembering one of the world’s most prolific inventors!

February 10, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Companies might struggle to match his number of 1,093 US patents that he had in his name, but then Thomas Alva Edison was no ordinary man. Not just his patents in the US, but Edison also had many other inventions that he patented across Europe. In a life that has now become a symbol of sheer hard work and what Tesla called “practical American sense”, Edison has accomplished a lot more than most other scholars with better university educations have.

Google, in its own wonderful way (which has now become a tradition in itself) pays tribute to this master inventor with a Google Doodle that has in it drawings of some of his inventions along with the light bulb, of course. The pulleys turn over, the belts move and the bulb flickers on and off, in a Doodle that sort of seems nostalgic and classic in design.

Like the Jules Verne Doodle just a few days back, this is another timely mark of respect done with creativity and class. One click on the Doodle and you can learn everything about ‘Thomas Edison’ as the search results are displayed. Nice way to ensure that we do not forget the past greats and men who shaped our history, even in our busy modern schedules.

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