Apple TV could soon double up as your gaming unit: iOS 4.3 Beta Code reveals a possibility of online gaming service through iTunes

February 10, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

This could be one way to make Apple TV hot and happening again. Offering a wide range of gaming options and allowing you to turn your Apple TV into an online gaming unit should see a huge spike in the interest towards Apple’s television set. That is what apparently iOS 4.3 promises to offer and that has many of us excited about what we could possibly expect from Apple in the future.

Many have come across what is being called “ATVThunder” in the iOS 4.3 Beta version and this seems to point to a future where iTunes Store will stream gaming content into your living room via the Apple TV. You can check out leader boards, latest game releases, connect with others over gaming sessions and even schedule games that you would like to play sometime over the weekend.

Obviously Apple will stream the content as in-built 8GB memory will be in no way sufficient to support all these features and a lot more. Maybe Apple will soon let us know on how it plans to go about this new gaming platform that it offers through Apple TV and if this becomes a reality in the coming months.

So, what games would you like to see first on your Apple TV as the new iOS 4.3 promises to bring more interactive fun into your living rooms?

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