Amazon Store for Windows Phone 7

February 10, 2011, By Christian Cawley

One of the things I’ve missed from Windows Phone 7 is the ability to wander around a high street book store and check the price of comparative titles online at Amazon. While it’s been a long time coming and for some reason seemed to be delayed in favour of the Kindle app, finally Amazon Store for Windows Phone 7 has been released!

Amazon Store for Windows Phone 7

Offering all of the expected features – search products, browser, add them to a wish list or stack them in your cart – the Amazon app is available free as of today in the USA with the UK version set for release some time soon (we think).

Featuring a slick adherence with the Metro UI – with a view tweaks to allow for corporate branding – this app naturally accepts existing Amazon account details, meaning that you can login, check the current tracking details for your order and pretty much do everything you can do with the full website version.

The Amazon app marks an important occasion on Windows Phone 7 – apart from the supermarket apps of a few food retailers that also happen to be multi-nationals, the only other major retailer providing apps for the platform is eBay. Their app is pretty useful too, again offering everything you would expect from the desktop version (short of a few of the advanced tasks) and with these two major names spending development money on the platform it seems likely that others will follow.

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