Gingerbread vs Ice Cream?

February 7, 2011, By Christian Cawley

So, the next version of Android for mobile phones is named “Gingerbread” and numbered 2.3 – but will it be short-lived?

Is Android about to fork into two operating systems?

The latest rumours on the increasingly sweet-toothed Android mobile operating system is that a 2.4 revision of Gingerbread is expected, retaining the same name as its predecessor but featuring some cross-over from the tablet-only release, Honeycomb.

We know this thanks to Viewsonic, the US mobile phone manufacturer who are very happy to announce that they will be the first to feature Android 2.4 on their ViewPad 4 device in April.

While previous Android releases have had individual names, Viewsonic are stating that there is no new name for Android 2.4 – it will retain the Gingerbread name and feature an update allowing apps for Honeycomb-powered, dual-core tablets to run on single-core processor devices.

And for anyone sweating over just what all this means for the oft-stated Android fragmentation, it seems that there could be a divergence in the two versions of the platform. The  rumoured “Ice Cream” is set to be confirmed as Google Android 3.1 possibly leading to the operating system slowly forking between mobile device and tablet.

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