Galactus’ Official Announcement Trailer for Marvel vs Capcom 3

February 7, 2011, By Christian Davis

We already knew that the planet eating Galactus was Marvel vs Capcom 3’s final boss. Thanks to IGN, we have an official announcement trailer for what seems like a ridiculously difficult boss fight.

If you don’t know how massive Galactus is, he’s a Marvel character that stands up in space and eats planets to survive.  Fighting him will not be an easy accomplishment at all especially when he sends two Silver Surfer-fied characters for you to fight at the same time.

Hopefully your health bar is still pretty full after taking these guys on because Galactus will come after you immediately afterwards along with his 200 hit attacks and his blasts that cover the entire screen.

With Super Skrull and Galactus in the game, maybe the Fantastic Four or Silver Surfer will appear as downloadable content in the future. Here’s the video below!

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