Windows Phone Data Drain – Yahoo Comes Clean

February 2, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Remember the news that new Windows Phone 7 owners were finding themselves billed for vast amounts of data that they couldn’t possibly used?

At the time, Microsoft confirmed the issue and reported that they had the issue narrowed down to several third party apps. However little news on this subject has been forthcoming since, until the news this week that it was all down to Yahoo…

Windows Phone Data drain down to Yahoo

The problem – detected by ChevronWP7’s Raphael Rivera – is related to the amount of data that is sent to a phone with a Yahoo email account set up. Yahoo themselves have described the problem as an “inefficiency” that “exists in the synchronization of e-mail between Windows Phone Mail clients and Yahoo Mail, which can result in larger than expected data usage for some users.”

What is interesting is that Yahoo also hint that the problem doesn’t occur with other mobile platforms, suggesting that either Windows Phone 7 is configured poorly or BlackBerry, Android and iOS are…

The best news on all of this is that Microsoft and Yahoo describe themselves as working together in order to resolve this problem, so we can expect to see an end to this issue in the near future – something that might explain the delay in the release of the NoDo update for Windows Phone 7.

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