The Daily Comes to iPad

February 2, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Ever tried reading a News Corporation website in the last few months? Unless you were checking one of their lowest common denominator titles the chances are you were invited to signup and pay a subscription charge to read the online version of their broadsheet title.

Daily newspaper comes to iPad

It’s all part of the plan to successfully monetize their content and force payment for their professionally generated news, reviews and editorial articles rather than rely on advertising. Not to mention ignoring the idea of the web be preventing people from sharing links.

Master puppeteer Rupert Murdoch – once immortalized in the 1990s James Bond movie Tomorrow Naver Dies – is planning the launch of a newspaper called the Daily, exclusively (at this stage) for iPad.  Costing 99c a week to read and drawing on the talents of a remarkable 100 journalists, this is the highest profile publication app of its kind but it has already inspired some of the News Corp. competitors to get in on the act, with the New York Times busily developing as a personalized news reading app.

Ultimately these news apps will be judged on the quality and integrity of the journalism that they feature. Whether the Daily turns into another failed digital venture for the media giant or succeeds in hitting its 800,000 minimum readership is something many publishers will be watching out for with interest.

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