Just What is Shmusicup?

February 2, 2011, By Christian Cawley

It isn’t often an original new game comes along – but with Shmusicup we’ve got just that.

Just What is Shmusicup?

Looking at the manga-style screenshot above you might be forgiven that this game is just another shoot-em-up – but wait until you read the rest of it.

What the developers behind the forthcoming PC game Shmusicup have done is combine the love of a decent audio soundtrack on a good space shooter with the need for big bosses and plenty of power ups and created, literally, a monster.

If you happen to know how many individual songs exist in MP3 format then you’re pretty close to guessing how many permutations of opposition will occur in Shmusicup because this game actually incorporates your chosen MP3 in the game both as a soundtrack and as a means of visualizing exactly where your opponent will attack!

Any MP3 file can be added, so rather than the cold electronica of space you might opt for some John Williams-style classical pieces to fill your speakers and play a part in generating your star-borne opponent’s defences!

For more information about Shmusicup and to signup for updates, visit tzai-entertainment.com/games/shmusicup/

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