Google Music is Coming…

February 1, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Sick of iTunes failing to update your iDevice properly? Unimpressed with the Zune Pass and what it offers?

Will Google Music be found on the Android Market?

Wishing there was a native, Google-built music sync service that turns your Android into a fully-fledged media player with all of the functionality of an iPhone or Windows Phone 7 device?

Touted several months ago, Google Music is being rumoured for a launch shortly, with an official announcement coming as soon as this week at the impending launch of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb mobile/tablet/toaster operating system.

At present we’re restricted to rumour, but the there are two possibilities that seem most likely concerning Google Music. Either the system will be integrated into the Android Market and potentially be available to devices that possibly might be unsuitable or Google Music will feature in its own app.

Talking about the platform is one thing – but what about the content? What music does Google hope to provide?

Rather than taking an opportunity to promote new music, Google Music looks likely to be trotting out the same corporate fish food as iTunes and Zune, although this apparently depends on whether or not they can persuade Sony and a few other labels to go along with it.

Given the number of unsigned, open rights musicians currently providing blood to former illegal torrent site – not to mention the wealth of new talent easily found on YouTube – it seems a shame that Google Music isn’t taking advantage of an opportunity to reshape the music industry.

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