Nokia E7 Gets New Release Date in UK on April 13

January 31, 2011, By Alex Ion

UK customers looking to get their hands on the new Nokia E7 will have to wait a couple more months. While the device was supposed to be released on January 10, this year, as previously announced by UK online store Expansys, we’re now hearing that Nokia has put their flagship Eseries smartphone on hold, everywhere in the world.

The only official information we have about the E7 is that it should be available on the market in “early 2011”, and that comes straight from Finland. However, according to Expansys, the new Symbian-powered Nokia E7 will debut in the UK on April 13. But there’s a good news. Expansys have listed the mobile for less than they did last November: £494.99 (about €577 at today’s rate).

On top of that, we’ve checked up Amazon Germany and the sliding E7 is listed for €629 with an expected launch date listed as “coming soon”.

For those of you who don’t remember it, Nokia E7 is powered by the company’s latest iteration of Symbian, Symbian 3. It features a 4-inch ClearBlack AMOLED touch screen display (640 x 360 pixels), a full QWERTY keyboard and an 8 MP camera that does HD video. Other than that it also comes with a 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery, an  accelerometer, a compass and proximity sensor, and an ambient light detector. The E7 has 16Gb of on-board storage, Bluetooth 3.0 & WiFi connectivity.

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