Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch Version Set for MWC Debut

January 26, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember we told you about Samsung’s ‘Evolution is Fate’ campaign that hinted at an upcoming big release from the company? We had then written about Samsung’s major plans for a new smart device that would be unpacked just in time for the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona.

The latest we hear is that Samsung is ready with a 10-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and that the device is being brought to the MWC venue. The release is likely to happen on February 13th, and we are pretty sure that the device is the 10-inch variant of the Galaxy Tab that is gearing up for the big event.

The Samsung invitation that has been sent out hints at ‘something big’ that is coming to Barcelona and could be well in tune with the company’s vision for year 2011. It is being said that the company is toeing a visionary route well in tune with the changing needs of consumers and is shaping the development of devices at their labs.

The image on the invitation sheet shows a bigger device – by all means bigger than the Galaxy Tab. With the Galaxy tab already boasting of versions that have 4G and Wi-Fi, we guess the company will be bringing on newer technologies to the new device.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS is sure to be a vital ingredient. May be it would also have extra storage space, higher quality camera and a battery set that could promise longer life. We are heading for Barcelona to know what is really in store.

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