SPB Brain Evolution for Windows Phone 7

January 19, 2011, By Christian Cawley

After making their name providing an alternative user interface for Windows Mobile, SPB proceeded to move develop other apps that they felt the old Microsoft mobile platform was missing – such as TV apps, radio apps, and a mental exercise app.

SPB Brain Evolution for Windows Phone 7

This is basically a brain training app for Windows Phone 7, and you can expect it to turn out to be quite popular.

SPB Brain Evolution had considerable success on Windows Mobile, being the best-selling game on that platform for two years on the trot, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it is the Russian developer’s first Windows Phone 7 title.

For the uninitiated, SPB Brain Evolution gives you the chance to engage in various puzzles, formed as 12 mini-games which must be played in sequence. With good results, you find that the next game has been unlocked, and with two modes to choose from (training mode and marking mode) you can get to grips with each challenge before taking the leap and giving it your best shot, before registering your progress within the app and online.

It is particularly satisfying to beat previous scores and see your current standings updated online, and SPB Brain Evolution is up against limited competition in this sector of the Windows Phone 7 market so they should enjoy some more success.

SPB Brain Evolution is available exclusively from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for $4.99, although SPB offer versions for iPhone, Maemo and Symbian.

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