Line2 VOIP App for Android

January 19, 2011, By Christian Cawley

New for Android is Line2, a much-needed VOIP application that allows you to make as many calls as you like within the US and Canada for just $9.95 a month – and so impressed are developers Toktumi (see what they did there?) that they’re giving away 30 days free for you to try it out.

Line2 VOIP app for Android 2.1

This is a feature-packed VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) app, however, that might just fill in the gap left by Skype’s virtual no-show on Android. Line2 offers you your own VOIP phone number and calls can be made on Wi-Fo or 3G and 4G networks. If you have a suitable camera, a visual voicemail message can be sent by email and the app also provides call waiting, hold, transfer and even teleconferencing functionality. Text messaging also comes included in the monthly tariff, which might mean you never have to pay your mobile network another cent!

Now, VOIP should mean that phone calls cost less, but sadly in many cases it can mean getting a whole new phone – which can defeat the point of spending less on your calls. This certainly seems to be the case with some Android users. Although intended for all Android 2.1 handsets, Line2 is bizarrely unable to run reliably (if at all) on Samsung Galaxy S devices stuck on 2.1, although those on 2.2 Froyo should be fine. There are also voice quality issues on the HTC EVO 4G devices in the US.

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