Eedoo eBox Console Delay

January 18, 2011, By Christian Cawley

A fear of the democratic liberation offered by PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 has prompted the Chinese authorities to block the worlds most popular games consoles and their networks – which was bound to lead to one of the free market communist super state’s most famous electronics companies to jump into the console gaming industry.

Eedoo eBox console set for delay

With help from laptop maker Lenovo, Chinese company Eedoo were set to release their games console – with Kinect-style motion detection – in time for the Chinese New Year, but it looks like these efforts are doomed to failure. The latest news for the device known as the Eedoo eBox (!) is that there is now no official date. It could be that expected demand for the eBox is so high that if the device ever makes it onto shelves in China they’ll all be snapped up within minutes.

So why are we featuring a Chinese motion-sensitive games console in the pages of DeviceMAG? Well, there are two good reasons:

  • Microsoft and Sony will be watching this situation closely to see if there is any way they can push for the block on their consoles to be sold in China
  • Because in time for Christmas you’ll be seeing it in budget shops and catalogs as a cheap alternative to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360…
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