Apple iPad 2 to Come with a Costly Display & Vibrating Motor?

January 18, 2011, By Leo Xavier

It appears that we will be going through tons of rumors and leaks related to the next generation iPad, before the device is announced. A new rumor is suggesting that the iPad 2 display will cost higher than the current iPad’s display.

Yesterday, we had reported that the iPad 2 might come equipped with dual core graphics, along with a multiple core processor, and a higher resolution screen.

As you might know, Apple’s component partners have always been the best sources of leaks on the latest products from the company. The best example is the leak that had brought out some parts for the Verizon iPhone before it was launched.

Now, an “iPad 2 LCD Screen” that is having a price tag of $218.19 has been listed online by a vendor.

You might know that Apple sells the original iPad screen for just $63.35, and back in June last year, the company was selling the current iPad LCD for $144.99.

If the new info is true, it means that one of the costliest components of the iPad 2 will be its display.

And the display is not the only component that was spotted online. An “iPad Vibrating Motor” has also been spotted online. Unfortunately, there is no picture available. But, it’s interesting since the original iPad does not come with a vibrating motor. But, there is also a possibility that the vibrating motor could be a mislabeled iPhone component instead.

We will keep on updating about the upcoming tablet. So stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check out all the new tablets that will compete against the iPad 2 on the tablet market this year.

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