Palm Verizon 4G LTE Phone Spotted Online

January 11, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A new rumor is suggesting that Palm might be working on a new 4G LTE phone that will be launched on Verizon Wireless. The image of what is thought to be the new LTE device has been spotted online.

Some of the geeks who have been visiting Verizon’s test site have noticed some devices that don’t show up on the main site and they’re listed as the “Palm Voice Test” and “Palm LTE Voice”. The page has now been pulled from the site.

Some have speculated that the new device might be called the Palm Voice.

It appears that the carrier is planning to launch a Palm/HP device with LTE on board, but there has been no confirmation whether this device actually exists.

With most other manufacturers set to use the LTE platform for their phones, Palm obviously don’t need a second invitation to do the same. The LTE tag would surely lure some customers into buying its new device.

Currently LTE devices stay on 3G for voice and use 4G for data. Not any of the initially launched LTE phones simultaneously supports 3G voice + 4G data. Then, it will be a huge advantage for Palm if the rumored device launches.

As you might already know, HP’s event is in less than a month. The device might be announced there. We will let you know as soon as new info arrives. So stay tuned.

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