Hotspot on Verizon iPhone

January 11, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Following news of the impending arrival of the Apple iPhone to Verizon – the first time the device as been available on a network other than AT&T in the USA since its 2007 launch – iPhone lovers are delighted to find that their favourite mobile phone will come with a nice additional feature…

Verizon iPhone has wireless hotspot capability

Thanks to the provisions put in place by Verizon for its customers to enjoy a decent data connection, the iPhone will offer wireless hotspot capabilities, allowing up to 5 devices to connect through it.

This is likely to be a massive dangling carrot on a long, nation-spanning stick to the legions of iPhone users locked into unforgiving contracts on AT&T, and will at the very least give Verizon and the iPhone a big shot in the arm in the USA, something it needs if recent reports about the steady success of Android are to be believed.

Meanwhile, let’s not get over excited about this. While great news for Apple iPhone users, configuring your mobile device as a mobile hotspot is something that both jailbroken iPhones, Android handsets and the still-clinging-to-life Windows Mobile 6.5 can do (although bizarrely Windows Phone 7 cannot).

Put simply, this is old technology that can only be implemented now because Verizon’s network is up to it – something that AT&T certainly cannot claim.

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