CES 2011: Razer Announces Switchblade 7-inch Gaming Tablet

January 6, 2011, By Christian Davis

This is something to be very excited about. Razer, known for their gaming peripherals, has a new handheld on the way called the Switchblade.

It’s a 7 inch gaming PC tablet that is supposed to make PC gaming portable. The product is still in it’s concept phase but it’s very exciting. The 7-inch tablet has a multi-touch screen and keys that change based on th game that you’re playing.

No specs have been released regarding the tablet but hopefully during CES there’s some sort of demo that can be seen or just more information in general. If this does come to the market, mobile gaming could change substantially.

Being that the product is only going to be 7-inches, I wouldn’t expect to play Crysis or anything too demanding on it. World of Warcraft, DoTA 2, and Starcraft 2 are all definite possibilities.

Check out the video below. You’ll definitely want to get your hands on it.

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